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Accessibility for Ontarians: Customer Service Standards Policy

Our Mission

Nielsen is the world’s leading provider of global marketing information, consumer insights, business media products, and services. Our mission is to provide clients with the most complete understanding of consumers and markets worldwide.

In fulfilling our mission, Nielsen strives at all times to provide its goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We are also committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our goods and services and allowing them to benefit from the same services in the same place and in a similar way as other customers.

Nielsen is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities and we will carry out our functions and responsibilities in the following areas:

We will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability. We will train those who communicate with customers on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

Telephone Services
We are committed to providing fully accessible telephone services to our customers. We will train staff to communicate with customers over the telephone in clear and plain language and to speak clearly and slowly. We will offer to communicate with customers by e-mail if telephone communication is not suitable to their communication needs or is not available.

Assistive devices
We are committed to servicing people with disabilities who use assistive devices to obtain, use or benefit from our goods and services. We will ensure that our staff is trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by clients with disabilities while accessing our goods or services. We will also ensure that staff knows how to use assistive devices available on our premises for customers.

We are committed to providing accessible invoices to all of our customers. For this reason, invoices will be provided in the following formats upon request: For example, hard copy, large print e-mail, etc.

We will answer any questions customers have about the content of the invoice in person, by telephone or e-mail.

Service Animals
We are committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal on the parts of our premises that are open to the public and other third parties. We will also ensure that all staff, volunteers and other dealing with the public are properly trained in how to interact with people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal.

A service animal can be easily identified through visual indicators, such as when it wears a harness or a vest, or when it helps the person perform certain tasks.

When we cannot easily identify that an animal is a service animal, our staff may ask a person to provide documentation (template, letter for form) from a regulated health professional that confirms the person needs the service animal for reasons relating to their disability.

A regulated health professional is defined as a member of one of the following colleges:

If service animals are prohibited by law, we will do the following to ensure people with disabilities can access our goods, services or facilities:

Support persons
We are committed to welcoming people with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person. Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to enter Nielsen’s premises with his or her support person. At no time will a person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while on our premises.

In certain cases, we might require a person with a disability to be accompanied by a support person for the health or safety reasons of:

Before making a decision, we will:

Determine if there is no other reasonable way to protect the health and safety of the person or others on the premises.

Nielsen will provide customers with notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the facilities or services usually used by people with disabilities. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available.

The notice will be placed at all public entrances.

Nielsen will provide training to all employees, volunteers and others who deal with the public or other third parties on their behalf, and all those who are involved in the development and approvals of customer services policies, practices and procedures.

This training will be provided immediately after staff commences their duties.

Training will include the following:

Applicable staff will be trained on policies, practices and procedures that affect the way goods and services are provided to people with disabilities. Staff will also be trained on an ongoing basis when changes are made to the policies, practices and procedures.

Feedback regarding the way Nielsen provides goods and services to people with disabilities can be made by e-mail or verbally. Click here to complete a form to contact us. If you prefer to speak with someone, please call 905 475-3344 and ask to speak with the Vice President, Human Resources. Individuals who provide the Company with feedback will receive acknowledgement of their feedback and will be notified of any actions that result from the feedback, if any.

We will make sure our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communications supports, on request.

We are committed to developing customer service policies that respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Therefore, no changes will be made to this policy before considering the impact on people with disabilities. Any policy of Nielsen that does not respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities will be modified or removed.

Customers with questions about this policy are welcome to contact the Vice President, Human Resources. Please click here to send an e-mail message. If you prefer to speak with someone, please call 905 475-3344 and ask to speak with the Vice President, Human Resources.

View Nielsen Canada’s latest Multi-Year Accessibility Plan and the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standard Policy.

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