We are not all the same

Here’s where you will find the latest consumer trends and reports featuring Nielsen’s insights. We’ll also keep you updated on the work we are doing in Latinx communities across the U.S. And remember that everything starts with a ‘yes.’ If you are ever asked to participate in a Nielsen study, please say ‘yes,’ so that your voice can be heard.


Latina 2.0 Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward

The continuing rise of Latinas, as a powerful economic force, is manifesting itself in everything from media and entertainment preferences to entrepreneurial prowess and newfound social assurance that reflects-and amplifies-the accelerating progress and confidence of women across the U.S.

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We’re All Different (How We Reach Out)

Latinos come from all over the world. We have different skin tones, hair textures, accents and journeys. We are all unique. Even the way we speak Spanish is different–if we speak Spanish at all. But despite our differences, being Latino is about the values we share and the traditions we hold dear.

At Nielsen, we get it. We’ve been listening to you for years. And when you say ‘yes’ to our surveys, your voice is heard, your privacy is protected and your story gets told to the companies that make the products and media you love.

Hispanic Employee Forum

We recently hosted more than 200 Hispanic employees during our first-ever Hispanic Employee Forum held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. High-performing Hispanic talent experienced a two-day event filled with professional development activities and engagement from our senior leaders as well as other highly sought-out industry professionals. A number of our senior executives attended the event including Jamere Jackson, Chief Financial Officer; Angela Talton, Chief Diversity Officer; and Michael Alicea, Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources who were sponsors. Mitch Barns, CEO, also provided remarks via a live video feed. We also welcomed four clients and eight community organizations to a series of panel discussions, business workshops, professional and personal development seminars and cultural enrichment activities.


Your voice, your preferences and the power you yield as a consumer matters. It matters not only to the businesses that produce the products and media you consume, but it also matters to us. At Nielsen, we are committed to being responsible with the personal data we maintain and we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data we collect.

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